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Better health for you

We envision a healthier world.

A world where passionate dental professionals, savvy consumers, and attractive, effective, safe products work hand in hand towards good oral health.

A world where good oral health contributes to our happiness and wellbeing.

Our core message ‘better health for you’ is based on three findings:

  • Good oral hygiene can be encouraged and taught. It’s a matter of having the right knowledge, skills, and dedication.
  • The most common diseases of the mouth can be prevented through correct oral hygiene practices. A clean tooth simply doesn’t get sick.
  • Numerous studies have shown the link between oral health and general health. A healthy mouth can help prevent diabetes, strokes, and lung infections.

These principles along with prophylaxis - the preservation of oral health - are the essence of everything that we do.

To sum it up: «Ore Sano Homo Sanus» - a healthy mouth equals a healthy body and mind.

This is why Curaden advocates for good oral health.