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Training is key to success

Headquartered in Lucerne, Curaden is taking over the world with innovative oral care products and solutions. Countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, and England were the first successful markets. Today, Curaden is present in over 70 countries on all five continents.

The Founder’s Foresight

Behind Curaden’s successes over the years was the foresight and hard work of Hans Breitschmid, a trained dental technician, who upheld dental care to ‘comprehensive oral health’. In the 1950s, his forward-thinking attribute led him to the company of credible dental care professionals. In his shop in Lucerne, Hans Breitschmid sold dental technology products to dental practices and gradually built up a solid network that has lasted decades up to this very day.

Hans Breitschmid soon realised that training was not only necessary but also the key to success. His company was the first dental trade business to offer training courses for dental technicians, thus enticing dental experts from other parts of Europe to train in Lucerne on crown technique, orthodontics, and deep-drawing techniques. Success didn’t take long – dental professionals from different regions in Europe came to Lucerne for training.

Hans Breitschmid would have turned 100 years old on March 15, 2018.

Innovative Spirit

The innovative spirit and unconventional mastermind behind the family company is now Ueli Breitschmid, who joined the company in 1966, after his father Hans founded it in 1954. Since then, Ueli Breitschmid has continued to champion the company into what it is today: a global pioneer in the dental industry.

The concept of cleaning between the teeth using interdental brushes was not well known in the 1960s. Curaden, an aspiring company then, developed and sold these dental tools under the Curaprox brand and began working with Professor Mühlemann in 1976, who was considered to be the pioneer of prevention. This helped the company to establish a solid reputation among circles of specialists. But that was not enough. The Curaden philosophy ‘better health for you’ was later conceived to stress the importance of comprehensive oral health and its direct link to general health. Ueli Breitschmid believes that dentists must be trained and act as ‘doctors for oral and general health prevention’.

A third generation is also making a contribution to the family business: Christine Breitschmid now runs the Swiss sales division. This ensures that Curaden continues to be a company that remains true to its principles and philosophy, and one that stays committed to delivering long-term comprehensive oral health.