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Our brands

Curaden is an ambassador for good oral health in the following markets:

Product Brands

CURAPROX is the oral health brand of family-run company CURADEN AG. Since 1972, the company has been working together with experts in research, teaching, and practice to develop gentle and effective products and tools for oral hygiene, pursuing a holistic approach to health.

It’s never too early to start. If you want your child to master oral health, practice should begin early. CURAPROX Baby starts your child off on the right path with a dummy: a medical soother that supports the development of palate, jaw, teeth and breathing.

Swiss Smile goes far beyond standard dental care, and combines expertise with luxury, aesthetics, and timeless design. It represents the innovative formulae that went into the development of its product range, complemented by superior ingredients and materials that are crucial for a positive dental and oral hygiene experience. 

Training and Skills

iTOP helps dental professionals become prophylaxis professionals. The individually trained oral prophylaxis is key in achieving a healthy mouth. iTOP’s mission: pass on your learnings and make oral health knowledge tangible with Touch-to-Teach - from one expert to another.

The CURADEN Academy is the education institute for dental health. Knowledge transfer is simple, direct, and done in a targeted manner. Complying to the Swissmedic guidelines, staff from dental practices and dental laboratories can learn about dental know-how even on topics related to psychological issues of patients during dental treatments.

Prevention One consistently demonstrates the whole oral hygiene process. As a holistic prevention model, it expands the standard prophylaxis treatments and helps dentists to activate and motivate existing patients.

Holford Partners is the oldest dental practice in England. Founded back in 1860, it has established itself as an exclusive address in England’s stylish capital. Since 2015, CURADEN’s London offshoot has been a proponent of the Prevention One philosophy.

CURADEN IT Solutions offers a complete modular package with practice management software and an expandable basic infrastructure. Digital end points such as tablets, X-rays, scanners, printers, telephone systems, and even 3D cameras for bite impressions are intelligently networked.

Medicloud is a cloud-based management software for dental practices, dental laboratories, and dental professionals. It offers comprehensive, easy-to-use tools for the completion of relevant processes in various areas of dentistry.

The Swiss company Twinsmile operates in the field of aesthetic dental corrections and manages dental laboratories in Switzerland and Germany. It offers a modular concept with emotive marketing tools, its own 3D printer range, printer applications and customer support.


The CURADEN Dental Depot has been offering services and products for dentists, oral surgeons, and dental technicians for over 60 years. Its products and services reflect Curaden’s dental hygiene skills in many areas that directly affect a dental practice or laboratory.

SCANDERRA is a family-run company based in Zurich that specialises in dental products. The company offers a complete range of high-quality oral care products and provides prophylaxis support in an advisory role.

When it comes to consumer materials, dental practices and laboratories in central Europe rely on Gerhò. This Italian company produces superior quality wares cost- and time-effectively. It also has one of the largest product ranges in the world, serving countless satisfied dental professionals.

Since its founding in 1966, the company IDEM has specialised in the development and production of dentist chairs. It sets itself apart through its high level of innovation, meeting all the ergonomic criteria demanded by dental practices. It is a global reference work for dentist chairs.

‘Implant without worry’ - this is the clear mission of Swiss company Flexident AG. It has established itself as a specialist trader and expert in implantology in the dental market, offering innovative training formats for professionals.


Curaplast develops and produces CURAPROX brushes in Degersheim, Switzerland. The label ‘Made in Switzerland’ stands for success in over 70 countries worldwide. Each year, this production company delivers over 30 million toothbrushes across the globe.

The Italian company Intermedical has made a name for itself as an innovator and modern producer of dental-technical products. It offers a wide range of anaesthesia and disinfecting agents. 

Its high quality dental products have been the company’s calling card since 1937. No wonder Zingardi has continued to meet the high expectations of dental technicians all over Europe. In recent years, the company has also expanded its product range and conquered new market segments in Europe.